Q: Can I bring my baby?

A: Younger siblings are very welcome to come along and join in the fun free of charge up until the age of 1 yr old when they are charged at a sibling discounted rate.


Q: Can Granny/Grandpa come and watch?

A: Of course, we are performers and love an audience!


Q: My older child is off school; can I bring them to class?

A: So long as your older child is not contagious, they are very welcome to join in or watch from the side. We just ask that they don’t bring electronic devices as they can be very distracting for the other children.


Q: What should my child wear?

A: Anything comfortable that they can dance in and doesn’t restrict movement.


Q: Does my child need dance shoes?

A: Our halls all have wooden floors so we recommend bare feet, soft shoes or socks with grips to prevent slipping.


Q: Is there parking?

A: Our venues all have different parking fixtures, please check the specific venue on the website for details.


Q: Can I take photos of my child in class?

A: Yes, but we do ask that you respect the privacy of the other children in the class if adding to social media.


Q: Can I give my child a snack during the session?

A: For health and safety reasons and the potential of serious allergies of other children in the class we ask that you please keep snacks for before or after the class. Please do continue to give you child water or breast feed as needed.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask your teacher or email info@fidgetyfeet.org.