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Sophie absolutely loves Fidgety Feet. A great class and Aviva is a lovely lady who makes the classes so much fun. Glad to have found this treasure of a class. Thank you.”
Sarah and Sophie (2 years)

“Aviva is fabulous! We always look forward to her classes and attending parties where Fidgety Feet is the entertainment. Highly recommend.”
Aylene and Ben (3 years) and Beth (6 years)

“Fidgety Feet is probably one of the best classes we have been to. Charlotte is so engaging with all the children and is great at keeping the focus on the story/song – her enthusiasm is truly infectious. Fidgety Feet has really helped my son (two and a half) with his speech and his ability to follow instructions. I cannot recommend this class highly enough.”

“Just to say a massive Thank You for Matilda’s fabulous party. We all loved it and the parents were all amazed at how their little ones were so completely focused during your workshop…an absolute credit to you and your teaching skills, I’d say!”
Clare and Matilda (4 years)

“My daughter and I loved your class in Bathford. Was great to see lots of smiley children having fun.”
Marie and Annie (2 years)

“My daughter absolutely loves Fidgety Feet and Aviva, so over the moon to have her come to her birthday party! Everyone commented on how much the children were enjoying themselves, and what a fantastic teacher Aviva is. Would highly recommend, especially for birthday party entertainment.”
Felicity and Lila (3 years)

“My 2-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter have really enjoyed their Thursday morning Fidgety Feet class. The imaginative journey that Aviva creates keeps the children thoroughly engaged and involved with the movement and songs. She cleverly uses the actions of songs to introduce ballet steps and the children hardly realise they are learning as they join in. There is also a great variety of themes from week to week, every one of which has appealed to my two.”
Jane, Martha (4 years) and Gabriel (2 years)

“My 3 year old son is on the autistic spectrum and struggles with discipline. We’ve found he loves ballet and listens to the story carefully and participates in all the activities.
It’s been really good in helping him with his group confidence and been a very active little boy it’s also good physical exercise. Most of all it has helped him with his imaginative play and he loves it!”
Bex and Obi (3 years)

“I was amazed to see both my son and daughter so quickly swept up in the activities – it didn’t matter at all that Aubrey is fixated on cars and that Theia is more of a mermaid, they were equally entranced and engaged for the entire session, along with the other young participants. They acted out the mannerisms of various animals and got a really good workout while learning about good toes, naughty toes and developing the skill of jumping without sounding like elephants!”
Amy and Aubrey (3 years) and Theia (5 years)